Runaway-Clemithegroove Ft Gsmack Motive

Album: Runaway-Clemithegroove Ft Gsmack Motive

Immitter: clemithegroove

Release Date: 2019-01-02

Streams: 65 Downloads: 28

A Young Gifted Professional Music Producer From South Africa,Raised by The Streets Of Johannesburg in Tembisa. A producer/performer/DJ operating out of the most distanced dance music& HipHop market on the globe, South Africa. Deejaying since he was a teenager Massive eventually ended up working alongside The Best Dj's and Artists Worldwide.

''Clemithegroove's DJ set will never fail to please. Whatever the venue or time of day, he will deliver unique selections that seem perfectly engineered for the situation. Morning or evening, forest or club, Clement will bring out the groove In You, a true entertainer.

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