America 25 Years In Review

Album: America 25 Years In Review

Immitter: OpirBand

Release Date: 11/30/2010

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America: 25 years in review album deals with some of the most pressing issues in America and of our time and how they came to be: the rise of the new Republican party and its dangerous mix of ideas; the weakness and servility of the Democratic party, along with its inability to properly serve as a check on Republican power; the disastrous war in Iraq; the failed Drug War; the perniciousness of domestic terrorist and militant groups; the increasing power of the media, and how it largely lost its way as a check on corporate and government power; our toxic combination of Neoliberal Market Fundamentalist economic policies, quasi-Corporatism, and Crony Capitalism; the new resurgence of religious fundamentalism, and its radical, sometimes violent supporters who wish to create a Christian theocracy in the United States of America; and the strengthening of the surveillance state and the difficult balancing act between security and liberty. It's an album for a very divided nation at a serious crossroads in its history.

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A Graveyard Of Elephants Electronic Free download 16 1119 05:58