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Release Date: 2019-05-08

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Abayomi Praise Popoola who is simply known as Living Praise is a gifted gospel singer from the Western part of Nigeria. Though an indigene of Ibadan, Living Praise was born 12 October 1989 and brought up in Kaduna state; he was born into the family of Mr. Jimoh Popoola, a retired military officer, From Lagelu Local Government of Oyo State. The young gifted gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist studied Political Science and graduated in 2017 from NOUN. In a family of five children, Living Praise from his childhood had a great passion for music which led him to join the children choir of his local Church, where his talent was greatly refined before he finally joined the adult choir. However, his gospel music career from its inception suffered a lot of setbacks from family members who thought the talented singer was heading the wrong way. Despite this and many other discouragements from friends Pastor, and even church members, Living Praise has passionately held on to his dream of preaching the gospel through songs such that his one-track debut has been making waves and touching lives in Ibadan and Nigeria precisely. Consequent on his belief, the young artist is firmly determined to bring the heart of men back to God, through the medium of his songs, reaching out to lost souls all over the world and reconciling them to the Living God. Living Praise strongly believes he is one of the few contemporary Gospel Singers with a mandate to protect the Biblical truths of the Gospel through songs, which is evident in the content of his songs. Some of these songs are available for download in the below link. Download them today and discover what our Living God has helped Living Praise to share with us. Remember to share them with others

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