Poison Piano

Album: Poison Piano

Immitter: MFX

Release Date: 11/09/2012

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Conor Smalakis, known by his artist name Tom Bombadil, is a 20 year old trip hop instrumental artist residing in Van Nuys, California. His newest release, "Poisoned Piano", is an attempt to string together different pieces of impactful music into a reflection of his own emotional perspective. Rather than sonic perfection, he strives to find his own voice within the media around him. "Poisoned Piano", is heavily influenced by the series “Darker than Black” and producers such as DJ Okawari, DJ Whitesmith, and Nujabes. This EP is a follow up to his recent compilation tape, "Agoraphobia", released via Bliss Eternal. "This project was made in a time in which life was moving fast, and things seemed serene. But in this serenity there was something slightly off, a deep heavy undertone to the positivity that my recovery had enveloped me in."- Tom Bombadil. Production: Tom Bombadil Mastering: Rav Artwork: Rolando Cyril ( cyrilrolando.tumblr.com/post/21978775509/le-pianoquarium-to-feel-the-musing-listen-to )

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Fly On Winged Angel Instrumental Free download 34 1764 03:02 -
Izanami Instrumental Free download 32 1435 02:50 -
Gustavo Instrumental Free download 40 1363 02:72 -
Shadows in the Fog Instrumental Free download 42 1333 05:10 -
Intermission Instrumental Free download 30 1498 02:58 -
Poisoned Piano Instrumental Free download 33 1494 02:75 -
William MacReynolds Eats Waffles Instrumental Free download 34 1497 02:57 -
My Aquarium Life Strives For The Ocean Instrumental Free download 32 1391 03:12 $0.03452810