Echoes From The Heartland

Echoes From The Heartland

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    10 Jul, 2013
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I make no claims to being a guitar player/performer and am brand new to recording software...but I do claim to be simply a writer of songs..more of conduit as they flow through me and demand my attention :) It is truly an amazing and wonderful experience...a "soulgasm" (if you will) first song hit me in 1975..was 13 yrs old..and lost a lot of it 'cause I couldn't write fast enough! Ironically enough it was\is called "First Love" This first song called "Stacey" I wrote almost 25 years ago...Spring of 1989\90 really can't pin down the exact date Oh and most of these first songs will be just acoustic/mellow...due to physical technicalities heh The song "For My Grampa" was written in 1987 shortly at the age of 25 after getting out of the army and back to "the land of round doorknobs" My Grampa died 5 months later and never got to hear it. This Song would have never been written had it not been for my brother Mike, whom I can not thank enough..God truly does work in mysterious ways ;) The Song "The Sparrows Are Waiting" is one of my more current songs, written shortly before Christmas 2012, when i say "found the missing words" I don't mean found them written previously down ..heh It is the only other song I've written about\for my Grandfather ..obviously whom I dearly love & affected my life\soul beyond measure..Clyde was his first name..I miss you The song "Don't Abandon Me" also written in Dec. 2012 is just the beginning ...there is much to this one ;)