Echoes From the Heartedland

Echoes From the Heartedland

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    22 Feb, 2023
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Just a little bit on the song for my grampa.. He was born 1899 jan 4 So is/was always a year ahead of actual date which would make him 123 just a few days ago That day my Bren' told me that my sister told her it was his birthday. It was less than an hour before midnight I had been meaning to re-record this song for quite some time now but due to all sorts of life's interruptions hadn't happened... I have been recording a lot of other things though. Songs sung to hone later..pieces of various books I'd like to finish.. even business ideas.... I do this all from an app on my phone. I took screenshots of what I noticed.... I'm not sure if I can link these to the song but I do believe it's worth noting Things like this happen all the time, it's amazing Ok so just one pic unless I'm just not seeing was the 123rd recording that was up next which became this song... ok I made it my profile pic ;-)