Workingmans Bread

Album: Workingmans Bread

Immitter: alamantra

Release Date: 01/01/2012

Streams: 9043 Downloads: 0 Workingman's Bread by Alamantra Eclectic sampling of Psychedelic flavored Southern-Alternative rock, from Birmingham, Alabama USA. Produced by Brad Timko, the songs feature numerous guest appearances by some of Birmingham's best artists. Words and Music: Bobby Shiflett Produced and Engineered by Brad Timko (Avondale Sound) Musicians: Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards; Steve Casteel: Guitarl Brandon Allison: Drums; James Mitchell: Bass; Rick Glaze: Bass, Backing Vocals; Derek Nolin: Keyboards; Ken Shiflett: Percussion, Drums; Brad Timko: Bass; Kenneth Robinson: Backing Vocals; Joel Smith: Backing Vocals; Mike Hamilton: Backing Vocals; Milyn Satterfield: Backing Vocals; Genie McElroy: Piano; Pete Nice: Pedal Steel; Tim Boykin: Guitar; Carlito Jackson: Vocals/Rap

Album Tracks

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Bread Rock Stream only - 907 03:20 -
Ajarah Jam Rock Stream only - 901 07:02 -
Move On Rock Stream only - 1041 05:18 -
Forever Away Country Stream only - 1252 04:12 -
Spaces Rock Stream only - 946 04:12 -
Will Hear Rock Stream only - 905 06:42 -
Vase Flowers Rock Stream only - 957 03:57 -
Silk Skin Rock Stream only - 987 07:85 -
Brian Jones Rock Stream only - 1147 03:12 -