Pakita Pouco EP

Album: Pakita Pouco EP

Immitter: pakitapouco

Release Date: 03/25/2011

Streams: 5590 Downloads: 71

Pakita Pouco is a trio formed by a charming spanish singer, Irene Trascasa, and two very portuguese guys (they just don't wear a mustache), Rui Neves, an enthusiastic electric guitar player, and Filipe Simões, with all his percussion stuff. Fortunatelly their music is hard to classify. It's a peculiar fusion of rock, pop, jazz and even some bossa nova, with portuguese, spanish and french lyrics. To love or hate. We hope you love it.

Album Tracks

Track Name Genre Type Downloads Total Streams Duration
Pakita World Free download 12 970 03:75
Mediodía World Free download 18 1108 02:23
Revuelta World Free download 11 1165 02:63
Je Voudrais World Free download 13 1211 03:12
Templada World Free download 17 1136 02:80