Pakita Pouco EP

Album: Pakita Pouco EP

Immitter: pakitapouco

Release Date: 03/25/2011

Streams: 5609 Downloads: 94

Pakita Pouco is a trio formed by a charming spanish singer, Irene Trascasa, and two very portuguese guys (they just don't wear a mustache), Rui Neves, an enthusiastic electric guitar player, and Filipe Simões, with all his percussion stuff. Fortunatelly their music is hard to classify. It's a peculiar fusion of rock, pop, jazz and even some bossa nova, with portuguese, spanish and french lyrics. To love or hate. We hope you love it.

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Mediodía World Free download 23 1112 02:23 -
Revuelta World Free download 14 1167 02:63 -
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