How to start earning monthly passive income with your music – Immitter

If you’re looking for a competitively fun way to make some extra dough with your music, try submitting to Immitter.

Immitter is an open streaming network for globally emerging artists and bands that features music from 151 countries. Sign Up FREE

Below are the TOP ways members are earning cash and credits on Immitter:

Joining – All new accounts on Immitter are issued 25 complimentary credits towards your first upload as a thank you!

Credits allow you to upload more tracks to the Immitter, the more tracks you have in distribution, the higher the earnings.  Upload your first track today! Sign Up FREE .

it takes less than a minute.  Start earning real money with your music.

Uploading – By uploading new tracks, you earn royalties monthly for each track that places on the Immitter TOP1000 charts. Payments are paid from site revenue and are paid-out to members monthly. Sign Up FREE

A Minimum $50 USD balance is required to withdraw earnings.

Daily & Weekly Challenges – Monthly Immitter issue hundreds of credits to new rising members.  The Immitter rewards artists that rank in the daily Top5 charts and weekly bonus credits are issued to the TOP artists, albums and tracks of the week.  Accumulating credits is a great way to have more track submissions than your competition and will ultimately lead to higher monthly payments. Sign Up FREE

Vesting -The more songs you have vesting on Immitter the more money you entire account will earn, even in those months when you don’t have Immitter on the mind, you could come back to see your account balance has increased because of how your songs performed over the same period of time. Sign Up FREE

In summary, Immitter is a platform for artists who want to start getting rewarded for their tracks.  Artists who perform well on Immitter are eligible for royalties where cash is distributed to member accounts monthly.

If you have new original music that you want to monetize, Immitter is a great way to earn some easy passive income with your music.