Welcome to our new Community forum for Artists, Bands and Music enthusiasts alike. We're looking forward to meeting you. In the meantime, go ahead, show yourself around. Be sure to introduce yourself in the new members category. https://immitter.com/community/discussion/9/new-members#latest

Man your Immitter stations!

If you're here, and a member of the Immitter community then this is where you'll find a wide variety of discussion topics. It could be what equipment you use, how we can collaborate with each other, or anything that you can find of value which continues to set Immitter apart from everything else!

I've been a member since January of this year and I've been blown away by the support and I'm excited to be a regular contributor to the community!

Think of me as a spark that will help ignite our communication with each other. The goal is to help you express your thoughts and ideas to not only help yourself grow but to help others grow as well.

Stay tuned to your Immitter stations and I can't wait to work with all of you!

- Zach

About me: I'm from Indiana, and have been a music producer for more than half of my life. My passion in life is not only creating music, but to help others express themselves. I produced my first album at 15 years old, selling CD's from my trunk with "Sub Xero" (he's on Immitter btw). We sold over 1000 copies. I was hooked. I've gone to college and worked places I never really wanted to work, but creating music makes life an amazing journey. Again, I really look forward to working with you all and keep immitting!


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    Very well said. Thank you for being here. We can't wait to see your growth as an artist, and a mod :p

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