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Hey everyone! So I was thinking the other day, no one is buying independent artists music right now and it might be a good time of the year to go into hibernation. Well, I've come to believe that with most things in life you get out what you put in. I know of an independent artist, Curtiss King, who has an interesting theory. He has sold more albums just now (12-6-2017) than he ever has. It's a time to boost up your marketing because the market isn't oversaturated. So you may actually get MORE exposure during this time if you play your cards well!

On the other side of the equation you have the idea that no one is listening to new music right now and "good music" is only released in the spring and summer. You have the industry as a whole that is evolving to systems like Spotify, Pandora, Immitter ;). How does that play into it? Also if your a performer, concerts and many venues are outside and people aren't going to be going to many of those shows. And one could say people in general dont do as much during this time of year. It's known as a lazy time of year, and their wallets are obligated to presents and gifts.

So doesn't this make sense? Which side are you on???? Share you thoughts. Is the holiday season bad for music as an independent artist?

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