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It's 2018! Are you ready to grow as an artist?

Hey Immitter-heads!
New years resolutions come and boy do they go. Time and time again we don't stick with our New Year's Resolution plans so are you ready for the point?

You are likely a music artist if you're reading this and I'm speaking to you directly. Stop waiting for a gift wrapped opportunity. Stop making a wish list of things you'd like to see happen. Wish lists don't come true. "To do" lists on the other hand can if you well, DO THEM!

Stop waiting for tomorrow, because tomorrow is always tomorrow. Create TODAY the fabric of what your tomorrow will be. Are you still with me? Good. I want you grab a sheet of paper, or get out your phone and create a list of what you think the next step for you is. You can be as ambitious as you want, just know it's your list and if you wrote it down, you have to do your best to see it to reality.

It sounds simple I know, but if you say to yourself "I can make a list if I want to but what's the point". You NOT making this list is backtracking to a "tomorrow" mindset. Do you want to succeed? Do you want to support yourself doing something that you love? Well, get a pen and pad and write down even one thing that you need to do to get yourself to the next level. Keep it in your pocket, or keep it on the dash of your car and TAKE ACTIONS to get that checked off.

Maybe you need to start booking shows. So start looking at where you can perform even if it's free. Before that maybe you should network, connect with other artists, and promote your music and get the word out. On my list right now I have grow my social media base. I have YouTube, Immitter, and Facebook and that's it and I've heard creating even an Instagram account will help me promote my music to a whole new audience. So I have "create Twitter and Instagram" for my music. I'll have that done pretty quickly. What about you? Where are you at?

I hope this helps motivate you to actually get off your butt if you haven't already because like I said, wish lists don't come true. You have to make it happen. Good luck in 2018 my fellow Immitter-Heads! Let's make this a year of DOING instead of wishing.

Best Regards,

Smizzle Beatz


  • NZ0NZ0
    edited January 2018

    Very well written. Some goals I would like to see for 2018 are as follows.
    - Weekly youtube reviews of the top most recent songs
    - Fully take advantage of our marketing channels (especially Facebook) to increase the awareness of the support we are providing for new emerging artists and bands
    - Use those same marketing channels to pump new releases and trending tracks right into the social feed of new listeners
    - Continue to build and help lead our community of members
    - Continue to add new features and tools to the Immitter that will inevitably lead to higher quality submissions and better ease of use for the independent community

    If Team Immitter can "keep the promise" of our New Years resolutions, and knock out this list, then 2019 Immitter will be a force in the independent music community to be reckoned with.

    I'm curious, what ToDo's, you guys, the emerging music community have in store for 2018. Leave your comments below!

    - Team Immitter

  • Im ready to grow wuth a great music...i can help you guys...

  • How do I upload my song here
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