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The Last Dragon

What up y'all, it's your boy, Bruce Yi. Nothing too special about me ... I'm pretty much your everyday, aspiring, broke-as-shit, beat maker, haha. Jokes aside, I'm real hungry for this and not only do I believe in my work, but I've been blessed to work with the friends/artists that I have. Quick shout-outs ... My East Coast Jenkins Fam: Kojo O, Bushdoctor, Hijak, Marcel, Gaskil, Pink Peppercorn - WHAT UP! My L.A. Fam: Johnny Polygon, Johanna Phraze, Gabe Real, Triple B, Tone, J Breezy - WHAT UP! My Boxing Fam at 52nd/Main, Ring General, Willie "Birdlegs" Jenson - WHAT UP! One last thing about me you may find interesting ... the most common remark that people say about me in my 27 years of life ... "You're the weirdest, or most different, Asian guy I've ever met" ... haha, you know you said it, don't lie to yourself, haha. Aright y'all, imma shut up now, I got new pics, tracks, ect., on the way ...