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Formed in early 2005 and ReEst. 2006! With the love of making music, our Dream is to Create a Vibe and Sound that the Entire World can Enjoy! Willing to be an independent band, we Strive to book Shows, Sale Merch; Cd's and T-shirts, while maintaing the essential Energy to Perform the best show possible. We aim to create an atmospher of positive vibes and bring a certain uniqueness to the Stage. We have played Many shows ranging from San Diego, Santa Barbara, CA to Las Vegas, NV Glendale, AZ. And with the sucess of the "High on Life Tour" the North West coast from Seattle Washington and stops in Oregon, and with the roadtrippin tour 2009 we toured to cincinatti ohio wiht stops all along the way, we have spread the word INDEPENDENTLY!!!! Making Music our life, we push strongly to be heard by anybody and everybody who is willing to Listen and Enjoy good Music and a good Time. REALLY HIT US UP IF YOU WANT TO BOOK A SHOW! We keep everything as Real as possible, not trying to be who were not, we Write original, we are original and thats what makes a Great Band, no make up, no hair die, no tight pants or what ever the trend is on TV and in Music on the Radio.- Riverside, CA - INHALE would like to thank YOU! our fans for making this Dream possible and all of our good friends ( Inhale Familia) for the support and love. For some of you, this Group may have not been made possible if it wasn't for your Detication and Faith in us Four guys. Thank You so Very Much! Want to give thanx to our families for their Love, Help and Support. Just give it a listen and you will see excatly what we mean. Lets sit back and relax on cruise control and Inhale. Till Next time BE POSITIVE and LOVE YOUR LIFE Tommy , Mike , Ralph , Art