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About me?? That's a great question! Gee.. Well, I like long walks on the beach, strolling through parks on a spring day in full bloom.... HAHA...okay, for real now! I was raised in Arizona. I love cheap, store brand Mac & Cheese with a big glass of pop and doritos on my sandwich. No brothers or sisters, only child. Wearing flip-flops and dresses that float when I spin, giant pink cherry blossom trees, and pedicures. Hmmm..playing with my dog, Hugo, bingo, and Enquirer crossword puzzles! At the moment, I am really into my XBOX 360...Call Of Duty anyone? Oh, and I play softball on a league Monday nights. I hope this tid-bit gives you more insight on the intricate workings of myself, Jackie! P.S. I really do like long walks on the beach and a good cry watching a chick flick! What can I say I am a hopeless romantic! (: Much Love, Jacqueline,