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Fresh off the success of his featured hook on Yung Berg's mega hit "Sexy Lady," R&B artist Junior is busy recording his debut album due out in 2008. Junior, the 21 year- old of Puerto Rican and Columbian descent from Long Beach, CA, wrote the hook of “Sexy Lady” with hit producer Rob Holliday and shared it with Berg. He wrote his verses and the rest was history – the song went on to be a success on radio and was on the BET 106 & Park and MTV'sTRL countdowns for several weeks. Junior and Berg had known each other for a couple of years after a mutual friend by the name of DJ put them in touch at a local recording studio. "We recorded ‘Sexy Lady’ and began performing it at Hollywood area night clubs and the crowd always had a crazy reaction. Eventually Los Angeles radio stations started to play it and it became the song that Berg and I both got our record deals off of,” Junior says. “Singing on the track put me in a really good position. People online and at shows tell me that my hook on the track was one of their favorites of the year. Hearing how people are affected by my music makes me feel incredible. I just want to make music that’s powerful and meaningful," says Junior from a recording studio in West Hollywood. Junior has since recorded over fifty songs with producers like The Underdogs, Jazzy Pha, Brian Cox, Big Tank and Soundz. “The songs I’ve been recording in the studio have been a mix of R&B tracks but lined with big beats for the gents to enjoy along side their ladies. I’ve found myself leaning towards the big synthesizer and orchestra sounds,” says Junior. Junior has always been a fan of legendary R&B voices like Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. "I first remember falling in love with music when I was around seven years-old. My family was always playing the radio in my house - I remember listening really carefully to the songs and feeling like I want to do that! My older sisters were in a girl group and I began to emulate them and jump in on the backing vocals and dancing. I knew I had the drive to become an artist in me even at that early age," he adds. Junior continued to practice his voice control and stage show locally for years and as a teen performed at such venues like Aqua Lounge, Stevie’s on Ventura Boulevard and other night clubs in the LA area. Eventually Junior sees himself working with artists and producers like Outkast, Kayne West and Danja Handz. With a voice that reminds us of a cross between Usher,Marvin Gaye and Prince - Junior has the natural showmanship abilities that new artists only hope to craft.