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PRESS QUOTES "What is Lovewhip about? Love. Whips. Dancing. And we'll throw sex in there, too, just in case it wasn't implied by the love and whips. They've been called Boston's greatest electro band, and it's obvious why. They're a mash up of all the world's most danceable music, from electro to Afro-beat, to reggaeton and post-punk; their rhythms are deep and inescapable, and their lead singer is hot. It's a hell of an experience to see them live. They don't really leave any choice−you're going to dance, and you're going to like it." -Boston's Weekly Dig "Lovewhip's goal is to seize control of your core (and all associated body parts) and work it until they're certain that you are able to work it on your own. How does Lovewhip work it? It's an entire concoction of a highly mobile bassline, a drumbeat that sounds like a lust-heightened pulserate and an electrifying vocal performance from Erin Harpe. Listen to it a few times and let us know what you think. Not that it matters by the time the phrase "state of shock" begins reverbrating over itself, because let's face it, they've got us firmly in their grasp." -C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush Read the full Boston Band Crush review of our new single Love Electric "Quickly into their set I was converted into their newest fan. Playing a party-starting mix of disco, krautrock, revival, dance music, they breathed life into the bar crowd, getting EVERYONE (especially the GT bartender, who was awesome in his own right) moving. Despite consistently shitty sound at Good Times all week, the energy and presence of the band was just too infectious to really mind. Frontwoman Erin Harpe is a rockstar through and through, looking sexy in her oversized Lenny Kravitz shades, and keyboard player Sam Marshall’s expression of pure jubilation to be playing was completely refreshing..." -Noah at Playground Boston Read the full Playground Boston live review of our set at the P-town Rocks Festival "The inaugural spark for Lovewhip came about when Harpe, an acoustic blues woman by nature, plugged in and applied her half-picking, half finger-plucking, Afro-pop guitar techniques to club-friendly electro dance methodology. Both styles were forged to inspire the assemblage to party, party, party, drink water, and repeat the process indefinitely." -Barry Thompson, The Weekly Dig Read the Weekly Dig Article “Exciting dancehall-punk-disco collisions!” -LA Weekly “It’s an electro dance martini. Take a few shots of synth, pour on reggae and funk drums, shake, shake, shake and serve over rockin’ guitar lines.” - Kerry Purcell, Boston Herald “Lovewhip has a celebratory and upbeat feel that has kept crowds dancing everywhere they play. Lovewhip can whip up some of the most feverish dance rhythms in the city.” -Steve Morse, Boston Globe “If you remember Lovewhip as the funk/juju band from a couple years ago, it's time to take another look. After getting kidnapped and reprogrammed by the city's foremost basement-party hipsters, frontwoman Erin Harpe has been reborn as a soulful electro-rock diva . . . [w]ith Cassette's MicL Potvin and Plunge into Death's Mark E. Moon adding off-the-meathook reggaeton smash and Casio-beat dance punk and vocodered come-ons, it's Stefani-esque certified potassium.” -Carly Carioli, Boston Phoenix - On the Download "’Come with me to the dance floor now, you don't have to worry if you don't know how, all you have to do is move your feet and shake your body to the beat.’ The execution of those moves won't be a problem as you listen to the rest of this album that combines reggae, afro-pop, ska, soca and something called "world booty funk" into a celebratory, irresistible party soundtrack... Pure joy.” -Sarah Rodman, Boston Herald “What an interesting mix of styles and sounds. I love the synth in "Show Your Love." Singer Empress Erin has a very enjoyable voice! Honestly I do not think I have ever heard anything quite like this, mixing the caribbean styles with electro. "Virtual Booty Machine" lead vocal reminds me of MIA – but better.” -Amy L. Ketchum, Hip Gloss Productions “Finally, a digable groovin' disc is circulating [Virtual Booty Machine]. Lovewhip knows what people are thirsty for and meets the need by quenching the soul track after track!” -Theresa Orlando, “These four original songs have a funk element to the music that makes each and every song prime dancefloor material. Overall, this is a very interesting release. Lovewhip have certainly carved out a unique niche here, combining reggae, funk, rock and electropop to make a very distinctive sound... Recommended!” -Jason Baker, “Melding ska/reggae rhythms and bass with techno pop is an inspired idea. This one is awfully fun. Excellent for shaking the booty.” -Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting “Lovewhip's new release, Virtual Booty Machine, is pretty jammin'. "Show Your Love" opens the CD with a solid groove under rap-esque verses and smooth, soulful choruses . . . this song is far more about the groove and fun. There's a lot of production on "Virtual Booty Machine" with it's underlying Nintendo sounding rhythm. "Sitting and Watching" switches to a Motown-ish feel . . . a splash of class across the canvas. "Get It On Down" is a little more 60's (early 70's?) pop/soul/rock with a solid, infectious groove to it. The next seven remix cuts are all distinct, all as enjoyable as the originals. This is one I'll hold on to and revisit.” -Chris Lonsberry, “Dancy, party music, easy to dance to. Erin Harpe's vocals sound great to me. Title track "Virtual Booty Machine" really makes the listener want to move. It's a fun tune and there are three more remixes of it here. My favorite one would be "Rebooty" (the Mark E. Moon mix). But I think any of these songs will make you get up and dance.” -Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds “Lovewhip, that danceable mélange of calypso and African beats, fell through a breach in the space/time continuum and emerged as dance club mavens. Circa 1982. Virtual Booty Machine is pulsing with beats, synths, samples, and loops. They've replaced Tiki dolls and palm trees with strobe lights and disco balls!” -Lexi Kahn, Noise Magazine