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The Opir music project is an outlet for political, social, and economic opinions on some of today's most difficult issues. An avid follower of current and historical affairs, and possessing a desire to create detailed, articulate, coherent, complex, eclectic and electronic, harsh sounding music dealing with these issues, Spencer Thomas started composing the first album, "America: 25 years in review (1983-2008)." Smart, appropriately angry political music. -- "A thoughtful reflection on America's politics from the rise of Reagan to present day. Opir's polished, caustic soundscapes, rhythmic textures, distorted samples, and dark ambient industrial beats recall Frontline Assembly, Hocico, Mentallo & the Fixer, and Muslimgauze. Beneath the visceral, corrosive auditory assault and dancefloor appeal of each track lies a richly-contextualized political message" - Coilhouse -- "In a landscape of tawdry, generic, dull and formulaic electronic music designed to maximise revenue for minimal outlay of effort, you have pushed the boundaries and produced something remarkable. Harsh, difficult listening, with a thought provoking message and an underlying, ominous sense of dread." - Recent comment on YouTube