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Frankfort, Kentucky


I make Hip-Hop music worth listening to.

"REVA is a female rapper from Kentucky who is changing how ''femcees'' are viewed. Her lyrics and flow are unlike anything in the Hip-Hop scene, Underground, or Mainstream. Her voice commands attention, and is crisp and clear. With over 15 years of experience in writing music, she is a true lyricist. She also has been sought after as a ghost writer for others. Her music has also been accepted to Pandora with her own channel, "REVA". REVA incorporates her life into her music with an Urban meets Southern vibe. Born in Northern Kentucky, close to Cincinnati, Ohio - (Elsmere), to hard working blue collar parents, Reva Reisenbeck grew up in a trailer park. Poverty, violence, drugs, and struggles were predominant. Exposure to Hip-Hop goes back as early as age 8, where she would listen to Snoop Doggy Dog in her big brother's hoopty. Because of her brother, and the 90's surge of Hip-Hop, she quickly became an avid rap fan. She started writing and rapping at 11 years old. Her first recording was on sound recorder using Windows 95. She used a computer mic with pantyhose wrapped around it as a pop blocker. As a teenager, her family and Reva moved to Lawrenceburg, KY, right outside of the capital of Frankfort. Here she experienced a more country atmosphere. Reva is a hybrid of culture from two different areas in Kentucky. She currently resides in Frankfort, KY. Now more than ever, REVA is writing with intense purpose and drive to make a name for herself in the music industry."