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Spit Clever/ Just Cause My Tongue is Bored

Once upon a time Wax was a rapper and EOM was a producer. One day they decided to make an album together. The End. The first song that was recorded for the album Liquid Courage was "The Adventures of Larry and Tina". At the time, Wax and EOM had no plans of making an album together. They just recorded the song and when all was said and done they both agreed that they liked it. Wax liked it so much he started playing an "unplugged version" of it at his shows. This peformance of the song is from Cafe Muse in Hollywood, CA on April 12th, 2008. The song had just been written and you can tell by the introductory banter that Wax and EOM were not very well acquainted yet. Wax refers to EOM as "this dude". Wax is such an arrogant piece of shit!