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Immitter helps new emerging artists and bands deliver their music through the power of automation. Weekly the Immitter sends your music to thousands of new targeted listeners. Each month we pay a reward to the TOP1000 artists and bands.

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Immitter Pro

If you are a Full-time Artist

$10USDper month and 125 Credits Sign-up Bonus

  • Eligible for Promotion
  • Monthly payouts
  • 200 Credits each month

Immitter Pro

If you distribute music as a hobby

$3USDper month

  • Eligible for Promotion
  • Monthly payouts
  • 50 Credits each month


If you distribute music as a hobby

$1USDper month

  • Eligible for Promotion
  • Monthly payouts
  • 100 Free Credits

Immitter Free

Sign up to get started

$0USDper month

  • Eligible for Promotion
  • Monthly payouts
  • 25 Free Credits at Sign up

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Questions and Answers

Immitter is a community where users are rewarded for sharing their music. It’s a new kind of streaming economy.
Immitter is a US based company.
Immitter is a world platform that supports artists of all genres from every part of the world.
Yes! You can join Immitter for Free and get 25 credits towards your first upload. Your FREE track is eligible to earn payments and rewards that you can use towards future purchases or you can purchase individual credits at any time here.
There are many other websites that allow you to upload your entire discography for free, but they don't care about you and they do not care about your music. Immitter proudly charges per upload to make sure we are only working for the artists and bands that are seriously passionate about their music career. Immitter is not for everyone, we want to only represent your best and encourage you to do better.
While most streaming websites cater the listener Immitter was built with the new emerging artist in mind. Immitter believes that contributors to the platform should receive the benefits and rewards of the system. It is our mission to return a portion of the value created right back to the very artists we serve. Weekly Immitter sends your music to hundreds if not thousands of new listeners and subscribers email addresses, we pay out a small portion of the rewards pool monthly to our Top1000 artists and we develop new tools frequently designed to encourage you to keep creating!
You can make money on Immitter in 3 ways.
  1. Each month Immitter takes a percentage of the revenue that we make and gives it back to the very artists that we serve. This Pool of Money is called the Rewards Pool. Each month Immitter pays the Top 100 artists and bands from the rewards pool. Payment can be withdrawn instantly to your bank account provided your account has met the $50 USD withdrawal requirement.
  2. Artists also have the option to set up the Immitter donation feature that allows fans to donate to your profile (Donations can be withdrawn anytime provided you met the minimum $1 requirement).
  3. Exclusive releases allow artists to lock albums and songs and charge a small or recurring fee to fans and listeners to access that content.
Immitter gets hundreds of submissions a day so it’s easy for your music to slip past a new listener. To further give tracks even more visibility we allow artists to promote their tracks to a special page called “promoted”. On the promoted page there are less tracks to compete with thus giving your new release an even better chance of being discovered and more attention to you and your profile. Tracks can be promoted either at the time of upload or from existing albums.
Yes! Simply click on the "Account" tab on your dashboard and you'll see your options. You can also cancel any of our pro plans at anytime.
At this time are sole concentration is on developing our web and mobile-web sites. However we do have plans to release a mobile app in the near future.