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Immitter is a worldwide people-based distribution platform for new artists, ran by a small team of digital marketers. The Immitter promotes all genres of music and represents artists from the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, India and more.

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The Immitter helps get your music in front of new global audiences searching for music just like yours!


Get your music out to even more people.

Automated Music Delivery

Daily, the Immitter ranks and re-ranks top performing tracks and displays them proudly on the Immitter home and performance page.

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Build Your Fanbase

Increase your mailing list subscribers with custom landing page tools that help you capture the contact information of new listeners and fans.

Automate Your Distribution

Increase awareness and get your music out more consistently with automated distribution tools designed to deliver your music daily, weekly or monthly directly to the inbox or your fanbase.

Earn Monthly Payments and Rewards

Each month the Immitter pays out a small reward to the Top 1000 artists and bands. Payment can be withdrawn* from the Immitter right to your bank account, used to purchase additional upload credits or used to promote your tracks directly to the Immitter Promoted section and Homepage for heightened awareness.

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Win Paid Music Promotion and Sponsorships

Your music doesn’t just live on Immitter…Weekly The Immitter curation team strategically selects submitted tracks for paid promotion on Facebook and Youtube for access to thousands of additional impressions.

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Start building your music brand - quickly. Reach more people more consistently and get even more of the results that matter to you the most. More reach, More streams, More downloads, More exposure.