LA Its Like That

LA Its Like That

  • Released:
    14 Jan, 2016
  • Tracks:
  • Duration:
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'LA - Its Like That' has a hip hop feel, with a little rock guitar, Afro-Cuban flavor percussions and vocals, urban beat, rap, jazzy keyboards and smooth/cool horns, simply put, this song has something for every music lover.

Thank you to all of the stations that have notified us thus far of their participation in the worldwide release of 'LA - Its Like That' ~ we are currently working on a banner to be posted Friday 1/8/16 consisting of the logos of those stations notifying us of their participation, so if you have a new or recent station logo please forward a jpg so your station is properly represented. I would like to personally thank each of you for your continued support of not only my music but of all indie artists' music. You give us a voice.

Once again, thank you ALL for your support and for all you do - I realize a great deal of work goes in to making the great stations you all have !!