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The bigger the Dream,The Bigger The Risk...Believe that!!!

Iceageslim is more than just an Upcoming Rapper. He is also a great musician, Composer, song-writer and Beat-maker. He has been a music fanatic all of his life, But himself become active artist late 2010. As a child his heart was captured by the great musicians: the likes of Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, 2pac and Jay-Z. Ever Since then he develop great taste in music. As a Fan-Turn-Musician, He Was influenced by acts like; Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Slick rick, Eminem, Jay-Z, 2pac, Kanye west, Michael Jackson and many more. He has released #3 mixtapes online, in the period of #2 years. The #4th Mixtape is on the way By the Name: “Good Riddance”. Iceageslim, Believes that life without music would’ve been a mistake. His dream is to bring great music to the world. He won’t rest until there’s great music in every street corner, every ghetto, every valley, every city, every village, every hood. Until then he will be bring joy to millions of people across the world through his music and message. “Our World, the way we want it!” To download his previous Mixtapes Follow this links: Follow Iceageslim on Twitter@iceageslim and Myspace@iceageslim