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Production that i've been fortunate to be apart of.

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Track Name Album Artist Genre Duration Current Rank Price
Ask The Lonely Ask The Lonely immitter0 Instrumental 3:27 195 Free
TAKE OVER THE TAKE OVER Odonisone1 Rap 4:55 543 Free
Hypnotized Transmissions immitter0 Instrumental 4:07 126 Free
Eternity Eternity immitter0 Instrumental 5:02 377 Free
Feelings For You next man Summaz R&b 5:27 489 Free
STRAT Me and Mines captainapple instrumental 4:13 Not ranked Free
1969 1969 immitter0 instrumental 4:23 122 Free
LOVE I NEED mixed feat Harmony Merloni STARZ immitter0 r&b 4:45 128 Free