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We can DRIVE YOU FORWARD!!! If you have been looking to move forward in your career, Drive Music can help. Let’s face it… You’ve done the hard work; you’ve practiced for hours, you’ve booked the studio time, you’ve created the songs, you have put your heart and soul into the music … now what do you do with it??? Can you go out and get a label deal? Can you get a publishing deal? Who is looking for an act like yours? Who is looking for your music? Wouldn’t it be great to send your music out to opportunities that are ready to go Right Now? Well, that is exactly what we do! About Drive Music We provide you with opportunities that can take your music career to new heights. We have relationships with Music Supervisors, Radio Programmers, Labels, Festivals, Production Companies and Content Providers, basically any outlet for YOUR MUSIC TO BE HEARD. We have over 1,200 opportunities available to you over the course of your membership. We update all new opportunities on our site for you to take advantage of. Basically we are here to match the right opportunity with the right artist. If you would like to look at the opportunities that will be available to you click here. We fit the needs of the Industry! Labels, Music Supervisors, Program Directors, Publishing Companies and Content Providers take music from us because we provide them with music that fits there needs. They contact us with a specific type of music they are looking for and we find the music that is the right fit…and all our music comes from artist like you!!! As an artist you know how many musicians are out there trying to be heard. Imagine how many phone calls and packages Record labels, TV, Film and Radio Stations would have to deal with if they took music from anyone and everyone; they simply wouldn’t have time to hear it all. This is why the companies we work with chose to remain anonymous and get there music from Drive, we can show them the artist they need to hear. We are able to HELP you because we HELP the people that can place your music. Beyond this we are constantly networking to broaden our contacts within the entertainment industry. We add new contacts to our database EVERYDAY so that we can find more opportunities for you!!! It is EASY to find opportunities with us When you go through our OPPORTUNITIES and see a listing that looks like it is a match for your music, all you have to do is click on the “submit your music” tab (make sure you are logged in). After you submit your music... After you submit your music one of our A&R representatives will carefully listen to each track you submit. We have specialists in ALL GENRES; if you are a Country Artist an A&R rep with a country background will listen to your music, if you are in a Punk band an A&R rep who specializes in Punk will listen and so on. EVERY submission is considered and will not be overlooked. When your music fits... When your music fits the opportunity it was submitted for we send it to the person who will make the final decision. When they chose your music we give them your contact information and you take it from there. At this point we can help you with any questions you may have regarding the contract. It makes sense, doesn’t it? What do most musicians do? Send there music to anyone and everyone Hoping that they will open your “unsolicited” package Praying that they have an opportunity that matches your music When you can have the Drive Music Advantage? We find the opportunities for you You chose the ones you want to submit for them (it only takes a few clicks!) We submit them to the person who makes the decision Drive music utilizes a team of professionals in the industry to give you unique opportunities to get your music out there! Drive music is the link between the music industry, and you! I know so and so, and he works at this Label... Have you heard people talk about knowing someone at a major label, or someone that works on a film or show??? Well the truth is a lot of people work on those projects; but it’s not about knowing a person it’s about knowing “the” person. Knowing the person that can listen to your track and move on it, these are the people we know. The more exposure the better!!! When you sign up with Drive Music, we give you the opportunities that many artists never even know existed. For example, do you ever wonder where that music that is playing in your hotel room is coming from? The music that you heard on your last plane flight? Or the music you heard on a film? Even that hilarious webisode you forwarded to your friends? Where did it come from? We don’t just place music in TV and Film; we are looking for any place music is used. We’ve placed artists in front of millions of listeners. There are so many opportunities out there for you as an artist, and more and more are popping up everyday. You just have to decide to get your music out there… So it can really do something!!! We have over 125 New Opportunities a month… 1,500 opportunities to get your music out there over a year!!!! Your Drive Music membership is good for a full year. You will have access to a ton of opportunities that you didn't have before. Imagine, over 1,200 opportunities to submit all different types of music. THIS IS HOW YOU GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD!!! Free Electronic Press Kit Once you sign up, you will be able to upload your music and set up your Electronic Press Kit (EPK). An EPK is a paperless press kit that includes video, mp3's and any other pertinent information. Our staff here at Drive Music will assist you in creating a professional EPK that we will shop around to our industry contacts. Our website hosts all our member's EPK's in a manner that is easily accessible to our contacts. Access to our toolbox Not only is Drive Music getting you in front of some great opportunities, your membership includes access to our toolbox. The Toolbox is a resource for artists who are interested in learning from experts. Here are some samples of what our Toolbox contains… Tutorials/Videos: *Basic Recording Technique *How to create a Hot Sheet *When to promote an album *Basic Press *Audio Formatting *Professionalism *Band/Artist Image *Digital Distribution *Motivation Articles *General Music Business *Legal (Copywrite) *Merch and Gigs *Music reviews *Writing a Band Bio *Public Right Orgs (PRO) *Barcodes *Thinking like a music reviewer *Podcasts *Pop Songwriting *Guerilla Marketing *Increasing show attendance Over 10,000 Industry Contacts Studios, Producers, Engineers, Disc Duplication Services, Printing Companies, Merchandise Companies, Magazines that will review your music, Radio Stations that will take your music, Marketing and Promotions Companies, PR, Lawyers, Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Video Production, Photographers and Venues. This is YOUR CONNECTION in the Music Business Drive Music was created with the artist in mind. We want you to have the opportunities that others within the music industry have. We believe there is a lot of GREAT talent out there. Artists like YOU who just need some the opportunity to be heard. We are here to help you achieve your musical aspirations, if you have additional questions give us a call at (323) 230-6645. Composers Drive Composers are exposed to many opportunities, from TV, FILM and Trailers, to publishing and management. Composers often have many different pieces of music and hundreds if not thousands of cues in their own library. Drive Music's Electronic Press Kit can hold your library as well as make it very easy to submit any one of the cues at any moment, with just a few clicks. Most our opportunities are directed at specific genres, but composers have the distinct advantage of being able to submit to multiple genres and music types. This gives the composers so many more opportunities to place their music on a regular basis. Our close relationships with Directors, Producers, Production houses, Trailer Houses, Agencies, etc. give Drive Composers other opportunities to work on many different types of projects. Our composers have gone on to bigger and better projects after just submitting a few cues. Drive Music also provides other opportunities to get get our composers heard. We place composers into Publishing Libraries for our composers. We want to maximize the amount of exposure for you as the composer. International Artists For our international artists, it doesn’t matter where you live- you can submit to any of our opportunities. We take music from all over the world as long as they are right for the project. There are many artists/composers that live all over the world so your opportunities to submit to them are as good as if you lived in our own backyard. A majority of our listings are within the US but we also get requests for music that are from productions that are occurring in other countries. This means that you can submit to the music supervisors we work with, festivals, labels, radio and other promotional opportunities. Our submissions are very simple as well. Once you are a member, you will be able to submit the songs from your profile with just a few clicks. This makes the song submission EASY!!! Some of the projects that come up need music IMMEDIATELY, and so this system makes it possible for Drive Music artists to submit to these opportunities. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Does Drive Music take any finder’s fees or percentages from the placements they make? A: Drive Music takes no cut or percentage of a deal or placement you might make through our contacts. Any deal you make through our contacts will be made solely between you and the interested party. We work as the catalyst between the music user and you, the creator. We forward your material and contact information to interested parties that will strike up a deal with you directly. You make the tunes, we promote them and our contacts license or place them directly from you; the artist reaps all the profits and exposure! Q: Why do companies come to Drive Music for quality songs? A: Drive Music has earned the trust and respect of the industry through its search for high quality music made by undiscovered talent. It takes a great deal of time and energy to find that "perfect song" (almost as much as writing it!) and companies look to reliable and trusted sources to find it. Drive Music makes finding music for any project an easy, and hassle free experience for industry’s professionals. Q: Does Drive Music work with anyone else in the industry other than record labels? A: Our contacts have their feet placed firmly in all aspects of the entertainment industry including; music publishing companies, major and independent film studios, talent agencies, video game companies, terrestrial as well as digital radio, reviews, blogs, viral internet films and more! Q: What type of music does Drive Music look for? A: Most Importantly Great Songs! Drive Music places and develops material from every genre imaginable. The more diversity and material we have to work with, the more placements we can make for our members. Q: What’s wrong with purchasing directories online and submitting my music myself? A: You can but there's one thing you can't get from any directory or a crypt sheet: actual contacts! Drive Music can guarantee that the right people will hear your music because companies trust our services. Our staff of industry professionals and tastemakers saves you hundreds of dollars in postage and time invested in cold-calling numerous companies. Industry companies and professionals usually have exclusive ways of obtaining clients. Being a Drive Music member will guarantee that your material will never be thrown in to the dreaded UNSOLICITED pile. Q: How good do my demos have to be? A: So what if your song wasn't laid down with 98 separate audio tracks and the backup of the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra? Many members of our A&R crew are musicians themselves and they understand that high-quality music doesn't necessarily equate with high-quality engineering standards (just ask The White Stripes). Q: Will Drive Music consider every song I submit? A: Of course! We will consider all songs according to their compatibility with our current projects. With on demand consulting, you can also use Drive Music as a sounding board for guidance and feedback on the NEW material you’re constantly slaving away at. Q: How much music can I upload onto my member page? A: There is no limit to the amount of songs you can upload to our member pages! Drive Music allows you to utilize your entire catalog of works to be considered for every opportunity. Q: If my music is submitted to an opportunity what are my chances of it getting picked up? A: That all depends on what music was requested for the project and how fitting your submission is. We have built a reputation for sending music that "fits" and that is why we have to listen to the music. However, the right music will prevail. Q: Does Drive Music have members in places other than the U.S.? A: Drive Music has members all over the world! Q: What percentage of your members are listened to? A: 100% Q: What is Drive Music’s "Success rate"? A: The average is at roughly 5-15% per year, this is the nature of the business. Our success rate is still significantly higher than if your music is never even heard for all the great opportunities that exist. Q: What kinds of deals have members made through Drive Music? A: Our members have signed a variety of deals such as: Single song co-publishing deals Multi song and administrative publishing deals Synchronization licensing deals for commercials Television programs Films Video games Label deals Production and Distribution deals with major and independent labels Deals to Score films Exclusive Management Contracts Live shows/ Label Showcases Festivals Reviews by Major Publications Radio Play on Terrestrial, Internet, Podcasts etc. Q: Can I sign up as a record label, publishing entity, or production team and submit other artist’s catalogs as well A: These memberships are filed under group deals. Contact us for more info. Q: How much does a membership with Drive Music cost? A: $29.99 a month- amazing for the amount of opportunities opened up to you. Q: Should I wait until my material is totally "finished" before I join Drive Music? A: While we urge you to submit your best work, there is no need for it to be perfect. For example, if you are a songwriter, and want to submit your music for consideration from an artist or a publishing company looking for songs, it definitely DOES NOT need to be a "perfect" recording. Q: What kinds of uses are possible for my music? A: The majority of our clients in the Entertainment industry are looking for music to place in commercials for radio and television, television show and film placements as well as music for video game soundtracks, web sites and other promotional spots. We also work with various record labels, corporate and independent, who are trying to add to their current rosters and promoters looking for new artists to play at shows and festivals.