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Jomekkas newest release Brain Damage is sure fire for any electronic music lover. His unique style and ability push him where very few artists even attempt to go. Roots are influenced heavily from Hip-Hop and RnB, which is quite noticeable on tracks such as 'Something Sideways'. With styles that range from Dubstep and Drumstep to Glitch-Hop, Jomekka has something to offer to everyone. Jomekka shows his versatility and proficiency by creating a concoction of authentic beats and sounds. His unique talent for utilizing traditional elements in exciting new ways is already generating recognition from the music industry, from such supporters as Greg Monty of PR Domain, Momentum Music, & Music Connection Magazine. Greg has this to boast about the fresh artist “It has been sometime since someone with the ear, ability to achieve the sonic quality, and musical talent has emerged from this saturated scene. Jomekka has taken his ability and refined it into a breaking wave of beats, bridges and hooks that really take you to the place you were meant to be.” This Chicago native has made quite a stir in the Los Angeles Dubstep/Dance scene, since his arrival in late 2010. His ear and production skills earned him some greatly deserved notoriety during the 2011 year by completing a remix album for LA Locals Gunpowder Secrets’ “The Bear Bones,” as well as his solo EP project “Dinosaurs Love 808’s.” Jomekka has been highly regarded in collaborations with independent and larger artists alike. Spending the 2012 year working on producing beats, experimenting with sounds and styles, as well as and refining his skills. A busy 2013 has Jomekka releasing a 7 track, as well as two full length albums. Be sure to find Jomekkas newest release off Brain Damage out everywhere April 12th. Jomekka is redefining the dubstep and dance scene, gaining notoriety in the Los Angeles and around the country. Learn more about Jomekka at or