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What up listeners! I say listeners because a lot of people these days "hears you" but aren't listening. My name Marcus Saafir A.K.A SAAFIR. Music is something that has became a mesh to how I paint pictures of what goes on around me including my personal life experiences in this fabricated world. I am a singer-songwriter entertainer experimenting in Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, & Hip Hop. I am affiliated with Grammy award Nominated producer Lee Major Kid, Immanuel Jordan Rich (Executive Producer) of Marques Houston Famous Album, LB of UNIVERSAL of ReverseSpin ENT of Earl the Pearl Monroe, Reggie Huggins of Flynstonez Productions (KC & Jo Jo platinum album & Mary J Blige - Mary Album), & Nickelus F who is affiliated with Torontos very own Drake, I was born in NC and raised up and down the east coast due to family. However, my stomping grounds are Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston and Charlotte. But overall, I do everything for my mother. Jan 31st 1957 - Sept 30th 2008. She is the reason. The mission is to get my brother off these streets! To inspire, and to change emotions that lead to changing the world. Its all a matter of time. Stay humble, keep god first, think positive & most importantly become a fan. -Saafir