Shut Up And Kiss Me

Album: Shut Up And Kiss Me

Immitter: Myaero

Release Date: 11/23/2007

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Myaero is a critially acclaimed underground success and unique talent, He's down-right hip and focused. whether you like it or not, this clever cat will ram an experimental pop song down your sore throat! Myaero has worked with many veteran musicians of the Boston and New England area including internationally known Rock'n Roll legends such as Peter Wolf of "J.Geilis Band" fame as well as Barry Goudreau and the late great Brad Delp of the all-time record breaking multi-platinum act "Boston" and "RTZ". Other well-respected musicians such as Brian Maes, Charlie Farren, and Johnny A. Mike Stone(Queensryke) (as well as a number of Boston's finest music-makers) have contributed to Myaero's recordings. "Just The Way You Look @ Things" is the soul-stirring musical revalation of Myaero's individualistic philosophy based of Truth and Honesty. The song "Movies" has a very memorable and hum-able quality to it. This pop song bring the listener to attention with it's subtle references to film classics and the innocence of love. New songs such as "Shut Up & Kiss Me" & "Dreamed You Alive" along with top-notch musicianship and Myaero's neverending pop sensibility, these AAA recordings are pop rock at its best making the ultimate soundtrack to everyday life

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