Go On and do Your Thing

Album: Go On and do Your Thing

Immitter: ScottMC

Release Date: 03/14/2009

Streams: 7145 Downloads: 245


After much effort, our new album is finally finished. We are putting the final touches on the packaging/artwork design. The official album release date is March 14th. We're going to have a big party at the House of Blues in Dallas. For the mean time, enjoy the select tracks that we have on myspace!

Album Tracks

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Millions Of Tracks R&b Free download 62 1689 03:55 $0.01436810 2 0
Between Your Eyes R&b Free download 62 1785 03:40 $0.01447950 1 0
Wanna Maybe R&b Free download 121 3671 03:43 $0.04031990 0 0